Invitation for 2015 seminar (EN)

lundi 10 août 2015
par  Romain DAVID

- Programme
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- Summary of communications / Résumés des communications

Dear colleagues

Following the success of the seminar of June 5th 2014, to raise awareness and work on databases and open data in the Mediterranean ecology, various projects were submitted in response to calls for proposals (PEPS and Défis). Their goal was strengthening the IndexMed consortium on various topics related to indexing and the creation of prototypes.

Two of these projects were granted ("Vigi-Geek" and "Charliee" project proposals available and anticipate the submission of several national or international roll-out projects, with a consortium expanded in response to calls for research projects.

To finalize the prospective, the IMBE organizes, with the support of members of various institutes of the OSU Pytheas and new adherents to IndexMed consortium, a second seminar entitled

"Methods and tools for the mining of multi-sources and heterogeneous data in ecology ".

See you next October 14th in Marseille Massiani Amphitheatre, Saint Charles Campus.
FREE but MANDATORY registration on, the number of places being limited.

(registrations will be closed when the number of participants will be reached)

This “IndexMed day” should follow (the next day) PREDON’s day (13rd October), a CNRS’s working group, which works on the aspects of "data preservation". This second seminar will be held the day before the theme day of PR2I Big Data - Massive Data Processing AMU (15th October). These three successive events will take place at the faculty Saint Charles.

This interdisciplinary seminar is a group action of the IndexMed consortium, led by the transverse axis of the IMBE "decision help for the environment".
It is open to all members of institutes of the OSU Pytheas and Aix Marseille University and wider research institutes, subject to availability.
You can join the consortium IndexMed at :
and propose your participation on one or more of the interests of the consortium briefly described here :
The results of these prospectives will be published in the form of acts where all accepted papers will be valued.

Best regards
The organizing committee

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